8 Tap Growler Selection

Banks Wines & Spirits is constantly changing the taps on the 8 tap growler system. With all the craft and seasonal beers been released we enjoy having them on tap for you to try! The growler system gives us the ability to have a rotating lineup of seasonals, limited beers, and beers that are only available in draft. The best part is we love having our customers help in selecting what’s on draft next!

Growlers are available for purchase in the following sizes: 32oz & 64oz glass, 64oz stainless, and 2L Euro growler. We will also gladly fill any growler that you have. Growlers must be clean to be filled.


Brooklyn Capataz 11.3% n/a
Burley Oak 4.4% 4
Big Oyster Veronica 5.0% n/a
Brickworks Drop Trowel 6.4% n/a
Burley Oak Hi Wheat 6.0% n/a
Founders Double Trouble 9.4% 86
Equilibrium Dhop17 8.4% N/A
La Vieille Ferme Rose 13.5% N/A
Allagash Coolships Resurgam 6.6% n/a